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School of Basic Science


School of Basic Science

Basic Science College, formerly the Basic Education Department,was built in July 1977, which has changed its name in September, 2004.There are three majors in this college----Journalist, Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

Basic Science College is mainly in charge of the public basic teaching task of the whole university,undertakes the teaching administration task and scientific research work. A basic knowledge platform will be formed with mutural support from other Colleges, so as to fulfill undergraduate talent training for other majors of our university .

There are 57 professional teachers in the college, including 15 professors, 16 associate professors.Among them 7 teachers have got Ph.D degree, and 6 are still pursuing it. Basic Science College lays emphasis on the students learning abilities and improvement of the teaching qualities. Many excellent teachers got  the First, the Second and the Third Prize in the Famous Teacher's Award in our university, the prizes of Teaching and Excellent Teacher in Heilongjiang Province and so on. Economic Mathematics and Economics Practical Writing are officially rated as the excellent courses in Heilongjiang province. Some of the teaching achievements in the college have got Excellent teaching Award of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Science and Higher Education Outstanding Achievement Award, Chinese Mathematics Association Award as well. In addition, the teachers in  this college have got 9 first prize and 12 second prizes in the previous teaching competition. 

A breakthrough of scientific research work was made in this college in recent years. Basic Science College has undertaken more than 50 scientific research works, in which 3 of them are national-level, 9 are provincial-level, and nearly 40 are bureau-level. Basic Science College, Meanwhile, was granted more than 60 million Yuan by Heilongjiang province and Chinese Education Ministry due to the excellent research work, and obtained one national patent. More than 300 articles related to teaching and scientific research were published in magazines, in which nearly 40 of them are adopted by SCI, EI, ISIP, CA and SA. Many awards were won by Basic Science College, such as National Business and Technology Progress Award, Science and Technology Award of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Business and Technology Progress Award, Heilongjiang Natural Science and Technology Outstanding Achievement Award, and so force. 

 Basic Science College valued the training of students’ professional abilities as well as practical abilities very much. We built many off-campus internships and training bases in cooperation with some mass media(Heilongjiang Economics Newspaper, Harbin Daily Newspaper, New Evening Newspaper, Heilongjiang TV and Harbin TV), which will give students more trainings during their internship. Basic Science College has won 4 second prize and 4 third prize awards in the International College Students’ Mathematical Modeling Competition, 1 first prize and 1 second prize in the Nationwide, and more than 10 first and 20 second prize awards in Northeast area, and 1 first and several second prize awards in the Mathematics Modeling competition of Heilongjiang province.

Basic Science College has recruited students since 2003. The students in Basic Science College follow the school motto, and many graduates got a good reputation in various media workplaces, government offices, enterprise and public institutions after their graduation, who are engaging in the areas of newspaper collecting and editing, words processing, information publicity, data statistics.

Major Introduction


Training Objectives: To Cultivate inter-disciplinary intellectuals with applied competence in journalism with systematic journalism theories and skills, knowledge of media laws and regulations of China, relevant economic theories, wide cultural and scientific knowledge, creativity, practical abilities and enterprising spirit.

Features: It enables graduates to understand the journalistic principles, policies and regulations, to master the basic theory and knowledge of journalism, to master the basic knowledge and skill of news gathering, writing, editing, review, photography etc., to possess research and social ability, to master relevant knowledge of basic economic theory and possess its basis of quality-related work, to understand Chinese journalism situation and development trend, and foreign journalism developments, to construct a knowledge structure of economic news by the full use of teaching resources of economics, management, law, culture and other subjects. "Guangming Daily" press cooperates with our college to offer opportunities of social practice to our majors, ensure the provision of teaching staff, and recruit outstanding graduates to work there.

Main courses: Journalism Theory, Introduction to Communication Studies, History of Chinese Journalism and Communication , History of World Journalism and Communication, News Gathering and Writing, News Editing, News Comment, Marxist-Leninist Journalism Treatises, Chinese Literary Readings, Regulation and Ethics in Journalism, Photojournalism, An Introduction to Broadcast and Television, Media Management and Administration, Advertising and Public Relations, Western Economics, and Statistics, etc.

Duration: four years

Degree awarded:  Bachelor of Arts

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Training Objectives: To cultivate mathematics integrated with economics and management inter-disciplinary intellectuals with basic theories, knowledge and method of mathematic science to solve a number of practical problems in use of mathematical knowledge and application of computer, which can be engaged in mathematic teaching and researching in universities as well as in economics, management and other fields (particularly in the finance) engaging in management and analysis.

Features: A science major in the formation of math, finance, economics and other disciplines, mainly relies on the strong background of economic management specialty of our university. In the curriculum design system, it focuses on strengthening undergraduate students’ foundations of mathematics, computer science, economic and financial knowledge, reflecting the characteristics of mathematics integrated with economics and finance. It enables them not only to have a solid mathematical foundation, but also possess a good economic theory and computer skills to master mathematics in the application of economics and management.

Main Course: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Ordinary Differential Equations(ODE), Functions of Real Variable, Functional Analysis, Complex variables Functions, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Analysis(NA), Stochastic Processes, Optimization Theory and Applications, C Programming Language, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematics Experiments, Financial Mathematics, Western Economics, Modern Management Science etc..

Duration: four years 

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science 

Chinese Language and Literature

Training Objectives: To cultivate intellectuals with literary theory and systematic knowledge of Chinese Language and Literature not only relating to culture and practical work in the field of Chinese language and literature, but also to literary criticism, Chinese Language and Literature Teaching and research work in the fields of News literary publishing sector, universities, research institutions, administrative offices and enterprises. It focuses on the undergraduate students’ Chinese learning and a basic knowledge mastering in Chinese literature as well as the basic training of operational capacity and system education of relevant theory, history, and current situation etc. It enables graduates to work in press, publishing and publicity department as an editor, a reporter or an administer. 

Features: It enables students to understand the principles, policies and regulations of Chinese language and literature, to master the basic theories of language and literature, to master the basic knowledge of specialty and the relevant knowledge in the fields of journalism, history, philosophy and arts etc., to have higher capacities of literary accomplishments and appreciation as well as strong writing skills, to understand the latest accomplishments and prospects, to be able to read classical texts and documents, master the basic methods of document indexing and data query,  to have a certain capacity in scientific research and practical work.

Main Course: An introduction to Linguistics, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese, An Introduction to Literature, Chinese Ancient literature, Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Marxist Literary Theory, Comparative Literature, Classical Chinese Philology, History of Foreign Literature, Folk Literature, History of Chinese Language, History of linguistics etc..

Duration: four years

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts