Harbin University of Commerce

MBA、MPA Education Center

一、An Introduction to the Center

MBA, MPA Education Center of Harbin University of Commerce, whose predecessor was MBA Education Center (founded in 2003), was founded in 2011. It started to enroll MBA in 2004, and MPA in 2011. After relentless exploration and summary, our school has accumulated a wealth of running-school experience in enrolment, training, degree-conferring and daily management, established a high-quality, high-level and high-efficiency MBA, MPA training pattern, cultivated a large crowd of excellent learners, making great contribution to the local economic construction and development of Hei Longjiang province.

In the process of the construction of teaching faculty, the Center has integrated the best teaching-resources from 11 academies, including Department of Accounting, Department of Economics, Department of Banking, Department of Management, Department of Law, Department of Finance and Public Administration, Department of Tourism Management, Department of Marxism, Department of Foreign Language, Department of Computer, and Department of Basic Disciplines. Besides, it has enough teachers suitable for the teaching and developing patterns of MBA and MPA, guaranteeing the program run steadily and successively with high quality. In addition to the inter-school resources, the Center has also hired famous scholars, entrepreneurs, governors, and social celebrities as distinguished visiting professors, who will give lectures to MBA and MPA students regularly, widening the horizon of the students and enlarging their knowledge.

In terms of the setting of the major orientations on MBA and MPA, the Center depends on the advantaged directions of the economic and administrative majors, combining with the need of corporations and society for competent persons to cohere these directions with the features of Harbin University of Commerce. MBA sets eight directions: business strategy management, marketing, project management, human resource management, finance and investment, financial management, tourism management and international business. MPA sets five directions: financial tax management, financial supervision and management, regional and urban economic management, and judicial and executive management.

In terms of administration and service, our Center insists on “humanistic administration” to serve for MBA and MPA. We supply all our students with cups, tea, coffee and other items, thinking for our students and caring about what our students are concerned with so as to make the center like a warm and united family. Under any circumstances, such as meeting with some problems, presenting their achievements, asking for help, selecting course for listening, joining in sodality, we welcome the students of all grades to come back to the Center at any time. We are engaged in making the center to be the home at each student’s hearts.

二、Major Introduction

The Training Object of Master of Business Administration (MBA):

The training object of Harbin University of Commerce MBA is to cultivate composite persons with abilities in high-level occupational administration, who have mastered economic and administrative theory and specialized knowledge and are adapted to the need of domestic and foreign economy market. Harbin University of Commerce is characterized as fostering the one specializing in Chinese and Western culture, behaving well intellectually and physically, and being practical and composite.

“Chinese and Western learning” means not only proficient in China’s national conditions,but also thoroughly understand Western developed countries’ management theory, methods and practices. Meanwhile, it is based on our own country and connects with the world to ensure that students who graduate from here can adapt to the actual situation of our business management which transits from planned tasks to market economy, and the developing trends from backwardness to the world’s advanced level. Moreover, the Chinese full-time teachers in MBA classes are required to have practical work experience here.

“Both civil and military” means to enable students not only have a solid theoretical foundation, methodological basis, but also possess the skilled practical ability to work and the art of leadership, to meet the needs of China’s management status as well as push China’ MBA to an advanced level.

“Pragmatic composite” is to develop students’ management of high professional ethics, make them be loyal to the company (shareholders) and have a high pragmatic, enterprising and self-controlled “emotional intelligence”, as well as armed their minds with a variety of knowledge and skills in business administration, human resources management, finance and accounting, and capital operations.

The Training Object of Master of Public Administration (MPA):

Harbin University of Commerce MPA training objectives are to train students to have high managerial theory attainments and high level of practical ability in public affairs management. Furthermore, it is to possess both ability and political integrity, overall development in morals, intelligence and body and to become high-level, complex and application-oriented public management expertise. Also, it is to cultivate students to become a proficient in a particular field of public administration, management, policy analysis and leadership with knowledge and skills of modern public administration, public affairs and public policy theory.

三、Teaching staff

Intramural teacher

(1)Qu Zhentao


DATE OF BIRTH: January 1957




Graduated from Harbin Normal University, a Bachelor of economics; Graduated from Graduate School of Economics of Peking University, MA and PHD in economics, Ph.D. Graduated from Northeast Agricultural University , Agriculture and Forestry Economics and Management Science post-doctoral.


Professor of Harbin University of Commerce, Doctoral tutor, Provincially academic leaders in the financial discipline, Lawyer and Senior Certified Public Accountant, he has been taking up some important posts of leadership since 2001, such as president of Harbin University of Commerce and director of School Academic Committee, School subjects (professional) Construction Committee, School Degrees Committee and school administration committee. And at the same time, he has got the special allowance by State Department and Heilongjiang Province and become an outstanding young expert in Heilongjiang Province

With the exception of those important posts that has been mentioned above, he has pursued some part-time careers, including President of the Institute of Chinese goods, Vice-president of Institute of Chinese Industrial Economics, Vice-president of the Institute of Chinese economic development, A member of the Ministry of Education teaching economics Steering Committee, an assessment expert of China Postdoctoral Fund, vice-Chairman of Federation of Social Sciences in Heilongjiang Province, President of Economic Society; Vice President of Law Society and International Tax Society, Expert of Science and Technology Consultant Committee of Heilongjiang Province and Head of Finance of expert Consultant Committee of Harbin.

Qu Zhentao 's research direction is Economics of Regulation 、Law and Economics, and Economic Law, among of which the most influential is his Law and Economics listed in "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" textbooks Ministry of Education. Professor Qu Zhentao published 12 monographs and textbooks. And he published 62 articles in "Economic Research", "Economic Perspectives","China industrial economics","Economic Science","Research of Institutional Economics", People's Daily and Guangming Daily, two of which have been reprinted in "Xinhua Digest".

He presided over and accomplished respectively one of a National Social Science Fund and the National Natural Science Fund with excellent conclusions. As chief expert he participate in one research project of World Bank and Asian Development Bank respectively. In his research outcome, he won the Second prize of national teaching achievement ,won the Second prize of Ministry of National Education Award for outstanding teaching materials, won Ministry of National Education Practice Teaching Demonstration Center Project; won the third prize of Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences, won the first prize of National Business Association of Scientific and Technological Progress, won the first prize of Social Sciences of Heilongjiang Province for three times, won the first prize of Teaching Achievement Prize of Heilongjiang Province for three times and won the first prize of Outstanding Experts in Harbin for five times.

(2) Liu Dequan, born in October, 1962, male, the Han nationality, a member of Communist Party of China, comes from Boli county, Heilongjiang province. He acquired the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree of Economy in Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and the Doctoral degree of Management and the PHD of Economic Management in Northeast Forestry University.

Now he is the secretary of Party Committee, professor, senior accountant, tutor of post graduates, member of Academic Board and Academic Degree Committee of Harbin University of Commerce, deputy to the NPC of Songbei District of Harbin. He also holds concurrent posts as vice-chairman of County Economy Society of Hei Longjiang province, director of province’s Finance Society, assistant chairman of Harbin International Taxation Research Institution, vice president of Harbin Real Estate Association, etc.

Major working experience: he worked in the Department of Finance in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Regionafter graduated from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. Then he was appointed to work in the Davison ofIntegrated Planning of the Department of Finance in Hei Longjiang in July, 1988 and in January, 1966, he was promoted as deputy director and was again promoted as deputy director(at the level) as well as the secretary of Party Committee of the department, mothball cadre at the department deputy rank. In February, 2001, he worked as vice president and now is the secretary of the Party Committee of HUC since June, 6th, 2009.

Main research field: Finance, Agricultural/forest Economy Management, Public Administration. He presided over 4 scientific research projects at provincial level, published over 40 academic essays, most of which was published in some major periodicals such as Financial Research, Chinese State Finance, Forestry Economics and Review of Economic Research. And acquired excellent scientific research achievements of social science of Hei Longjiang province: one first prize, one third prize and many other prizes at provincial level. His main teaching courses include Finance, Public Management Governmental Budget, Social Security, etc.

(3)Liu Xuesong

GENDER: male



NATIVE PLACE: Harbin, Heilongjiang province



Graduated from Philosophy department of Heilongjiang University, a bachelor's degree of Philosophy; Graduated from Law department of Heilongjiang University , Master of Law in the Civil and Commercial Law. Graduated from Department of Marxist Philosophy of Heilongjiang University, a doctorate of philosophy. instructor, lawyer.
In addition to being responsible for management of the principal's office and discipline building and post-graduate education, he has assumed vice president of Harbin University of Commerce, holding some important posts such as Vice-Chairman of School degree evaluation, school academic committee member, school disciplines (professional) building committees member, the school committee member, a member of Academic Degrees Committee of Heilongjiang Province, Vice-President of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education society and Vice President of Heilongjiang Philosophical Society.

His research direction is legal philosophy and legal culture . He is presiding over and hosting one item of Natural Science Foundation, one item of Philosophy and Social Sciences item and one item of Humanities and Social Sciences Research for Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education.
Publish two scholarly monographs and twenty academic articles or so in the "Guangming Daily", "Truth-Seeking Journal," "Northern Essays" and other newspapers.

(4)Sun Dongsheng

GENDER: male

DATE OF BIRTH: June 1964

Sun Dongsheng, postdoctoral, professor and doctoral tutor, majored in business economics and graduated from Heilongjiang Commercial College with a bachelor degree of economics, in business business management and from Renmin University of China with a Master of Management, in Management Science and Engineering and from Harbin Institute of Technology graduate with a P.h.D. in Management and in Management Science and Engineering and from Harbin Engineering University with post-doctoral.

As a vice president of Heilongjiang political consultative committee, an assistant to the president of HUC, a Longjiang scholar, the provincial education teacher and advanced individual of teachers' professional ethics, Sun Dongsheng has given some lectures on "Management", "Strategic Management", "Government Economics", "innovation management", among of which “management” has been evaluated provincially excellent course and recommended as nationally excellent course.

Professor Sun has published more than 50 academic papers on academic journals, including "China Soft Science," "frontier theory", "business management", "economic management", "Outlook Weekly" and "Business Studies" . And he has also published eight monographs and textbooks and hosted more than 10 national and provincial issues and a number of horizontal issues, winning more than 10 awards.

(5)Zhang Zhonghua

GENDER: male



Zhang zhonghua, Associate Professor of Law, has assumed some full-time and part-time posts, such as deputy chief procurator of Heilongjiang Provincial People's Procuratorate, member of the procuratorial committee, Vice President of Law Society of Heilongjiang, vice president of government and legal system research association, executive director of Constitutional Theory and Practice Research Association.

(6)Sun Xianmin

GENDER: male

DATE OF BIRTH: November 1964

Place of Birth: Hulin Heilongjiang province

In 1986, graduated with a bachelor of economics from Heilongjiang Commercial College, Sun Xianmin, professor and instructor, has served as president of Heilongjiang Radio and TV University.

Professor Sun Xianmin has undertaken some courses of graduate students, undergraduates and junior college students, such as "Advanced Western Economics", "Microeconomics", "Principles of Economics", "Western Economics", "contemporary Western economics schools" and "Money and Banking" .

When presiding over some research projects from Provincial Institute of Higher Education and "15" key research project of provincial higher education institute, he had also published articles on many magazines, including "business research", "North trade," "Financial Times" and other newspapers and magazines.

(7)Li Dexue

GENDER: male

DATE OF BIRTH: January 1957

Graduated with a bachelor of phylosophy from Jilin University, Li Dexue has been engaging in teaching, research and propaganda work on political theory. When giving some lectures on "basic principles of Marxism," "Marxist Philosophy", "Marxist Political Economics", "Deng Xiaoping Theory and" Three Represents "Important Thought" and many other courses, Li Dexue, leader of excellent course “Marxist Philosophy”, head of party’s propaganda department and professor of philosophy, has published more than 10 teaching materials and more than 20 articles.

(8)Tang Xianjie, female, borned in December 1951, professor, member of Communist Party of China, Harbin University of Commerce, dean of the college of accounting, a leader provincial key discipline, an expert enjoys the provincial government subsidies. In 1996, she developed as a master tutor. In 1998,she was promoted to a professor ;in the same year she became the director of the school of accounting. She is the leader of provincial key discipline in 2000.In 2001, she became dean of the college of accounting. In 2003, she became the expect who enjoys the provincial government special allowance. In 2003,she became the member of the advisory commission committee of Harbin government experts. In 2004, she was hired as the expert of the provincial science and technology progress prize of evaluation and national social science fund project evaluation. In 2005, she was awarded to receive the state council special allowance expert. In 2008 she was named a doctoral tutor.

(9)Zhao Dehai, male, borned in 1951, Yucheng County, Shandong, the member of the Communist Party of China. professor of economics, dean of the college of business in Harbin university of commerce, economic research institute, Heilongjiang province key discipline industry leader in the field of economics. In 2005, he was received the state council special allowance and the outstanding young and middle-aged expert in Heilongjiang Province. In 2003, he was hired the leader of Heilongjiang Province Degree of Economy Committee by the Heilongjiang Province government degree committee.

(10)Wang ShuGuang, male, born in May 1963, professor, master tutor, in 1987 and 1993, the central south university of political science and law sharing financial tax, and public finance professional bachelor's degree in economics and master's degree. The ninth labor model of the provincial government, the provincial government subsidies experts, etc.

Current dean of the college of financial and commercial public management of Harbin University of Commerce, director of financial and tax research base of Heilongjiang province, the leader of provincial key finance professional and provincial elaboration construction of the course of "finance". He is the member of the China's finance and tax law institute, China education research association, the national tax college finance research institute, the province economic, provincial finance institute, the provincial institute of taxation of academic groups, , Harbin municipal government experts advisory commission committee and special researcher of China management science research institute academic committee.

(11)Li Guoyi, male, January 1956, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Provice, member of Communist Party of China. The northeast normal university political economics undergraduate course graduation, won a bachelor's degree in philosophy; Beijing university political economics master graduate student graduated with a master's degree in economics.

Li Guoyi current is the professor of Harbin University of Commerce, master tutor, dean of the college of financial, the academic committee members, and Harbin municipal party committee and the city government experts advisory committee member.

(12)Wang Fuyou, male, in November 1970, born in Wudaalianchi, Heilongjiang Province, , member of Communist Party of China. He studied in Heilongjiang financial college planning statistics professional in September 1987-July 1990; In July 1990-September 2000,he worked Heilongjiang Financial Specialized School, successively are appointed director, office of economic trade department, deputy director of the department of economic law, economic law, economic and trade director of the teaching, deputy director of the economic law and director of the teaching; he studied for a master's degree Jilin University law school economic law professional in September 1993-January 1996 and got the master's degree of law; From September 2000-now, he works in Harbin University of Commerce, business successively are appointed deputy director of the school of law, the law school Vice President (top job), the law school dean; September 2001-July 2007, Jilin university law school in legal theory to a doctorate, and obtain the doctor of law degree from Jilin university law school, in July 2007 got doctor of law degree.

(13)Zheng Changjiang, male, born in 1956, 1977.03-1979.07 in Qiqihar business school cooking professional study; 1985.09-1987.06 in Heilongjiang business school of cooking study; 1994.03-1996.12 in Heilongjiang provincial party committee school economic management professional study.

(14)Song Xiaohong, female, born in January 1965, Funing, Hebei Province. She graduated from Suzhou University of Science and Technology and got the degree of bachelor; Harbin Engineering University management science and engineering graduated with a master's degree in management; Harbin engineering university management science and engineering management science graduated with doctor degree.

Song Xiaohong, presided over and participated 12 subjects in the national natural science foundation ;China's national defense technology; provincial and municipal subjects. He has published over twenty papers in " the business research ", and "the economic management", "statistics and consulting" and other various academic journals. He has published four books and teaching materials. In its research fruits, he won four awards.

(15)Shen Yungang was born in 1947 in Laiyang Shandong province. He got his bachelor of economics in Heilongjiang business school (1977-1981). Shen Yungang engaged in postgraduate study on courses of business administration and got his diploma in RUC(Renmin University of China) (1983-1984). He finished the advanced study of English in ministry commerce English training centre and passed the examination of EPT (English proficiency test), qualified to go abroad (1987-1988). He got the title of Merit Scholar of the University of Missouri (1987-1988).

(16)Han Ping, was born in HuBei Province in 1969 and got a Doctor degree in Tong Ji University. As a Master tutor, Han ping is also the professor and secretary of economic institute of Harbin university of commerce. And additionally he is backup leader of scientific academic which is the important subject industry in Heilongjiang Province. Furthermore, as an amateur, he also holds the post of directors of China Agricultural Wholesale Markets Association, China Industrial Economic Institute, China Business Economic Society, Heilongjiang Province Marketing Economic Research Society and Heilongjiang Province Economic Society.

(17)Zhou You was born in 1959. He majored in comprehensive statistics of planning statistics department and graduated from Shanxi Finance and Economics Institute in 1983; in 1988, he completed post-graduate degree courses on commercial economy.

Now Zhou You serves as a professor, master tutor and the vice president of the management institute in Harbin University of Commerce. He mainly applies himself to the Marketing field.

(18)Zhang Jingsong

GENDER: female

DATE OF BIRTH: April 1965

A bachelor of economics graduated from Heilongjiang Commercial College; MA of management graduated from Jilin University and majored in accounting; PH. D graduated from Northeast Forestry University and majored in economics.

Engaging in a professor, master tutor and vice-president of school of accountary at HUC, Zhang Jingsong is also taking up some part-time posts, including a member of Harbin People's Political Consultative Committee the independent directors of the listed company, financial consultant of foreign capital enterprise, standing director of Harbin accounting, individual member of Chinese accounting society, vice director Jiushan Heilongjiang Provincial Cultural Council and member of Jiushan central economic committee.

(19)Xiang Yijun was born in April, 1966. He is a Democratic Party member. He graduated from Civilian Battalion Economy Management Major in Heilongjiang University in July, 1989 and received bachelor degree in Economics. He graduated from Business Economics Major graduate class in Heilongjiang Business School. He is a PHD candidate from September, 2008. He is the associate Dean, professor, Master tutor, backup leader of key subjects at the provincial level and superintendent of competitive course in Harbin University of Commerce. He is a member of science economic adviser expert group of Heilongjiang, executive director of international trade association of Heilongjiang, a member of WTO EECP expert group of Heilongjiang, executive director of App Economy seminar of Heilongjiang, executive director of economy association of Heilongjiang.

(20)Cai Defa was born in July, 1996 and he is a Chinese Communist. In July of the year 1997, he graduated from Economy and Politics major of Economic Department in Peking University and acquired a Master Degree.

At present, Cai holds the post of the professor and vice president of finance and public management institute of Harbin University of Commerce as well as the advisor for postgraduates. Besides, Cai also is the vice director of finance and tax base station,vice secretary-general of Academic Committee, deputy director of the Finance and Tax Research Institute and the advisor for future high-level compound prosecuting attorney of the procuratorial organ of Heilongjiang Province People’s Procuratorate.

(21)Liu Xiaofeng, Management Prof, Supervisor of Postgraduate and Doctor

Since 1984, Prof. Liu has long been engaged in research, teaching and management work in distribution system reform, administration and service outsourcing in both Heilongjiang Business School and Harbin University of Commerce. Meanwhile, as an expert of Provincial Advisory Commission of Science and Technology of Heilongjiang and vice president of Hei Longjiang Provincial Marketing Association, Liu has contributed a lot in giving advice and suggestions and providing intelligent support to promote the economic development of Hei Longjiang. Altogether Liu has undertaken 9 scientific research projects at provincial level and above, edited 9 textbooks, with 2 monographs issued and over 60 papers published at provincial and national academic journals.

(22)Yu Jingyang, born in April 1965 in Dandong, Liaoning Province, member of the CPC, is now Professor and the Dean of the Department of Marxist Theory of Harbin University of Commerce. After graduation from History Department, Northeast Normal University in 1986 July, he obtained historiography Bachelor's degree and was assigned to work in Hei Longjiang Finance College the same year. In 1991 September, he went to Renmin University of China to further his study in the Department.of history of the CPC. In December 1997, he got the professional Master's degree in law from the Department of political history of the CPC in Northeast Normal University. In July 1998, he was promoted as associate professor and the vice president of Teaching Affairs Department. Yu worked as the vice director of the Department of Social Sciences at Harbin University of Commerce in 2001and was promoted to director later in November 2002. In July 2005, he got a promotion to Professor and was admitted to History and Culture Department of Northeast Normal University the same year to study Chinese modern thought history as a PhD candidate. In 2009, Liu served as the Dean of Marxism Department, Harbin University of Commerce, Professor and master tutor.

(23) Li Bingkun

Li Bingkun, male, Han, was born in April 1965. He is a member Chinese Communist Party and a master in economics of Peking University. He is the general branch secretary of the Financial and Public Management Institute of Harbin University of Commerce, and also a master tutor and finance professor. In addition, he is the executive director of the Rural Financial Institute of Hei Longjiang province and a member of the Heilongjiang Assets Evaluation Association.

Main teaching courses: The undergraduate courses of Cameralistics, Governmental Accounting, Asset Assessment and Public Economics.

(24)Kong Weiwei (1962- ), female, Professor, Sub Decanal of Department of Public Finance and Public Administration, Harbin University of Commerce, Master's Supervisor. She graduated from Hei Longjiang Commercial College in July, 1986, acquiring the degree of Commercial Economics. In June, 2003, she graduated from Jilin University with post graduate diploma, majoring in Quantity Economics. Her main research fields are Community Economy and Labor Economy, Theoretical Research and Application of Fiscal and Monetary, and Credit Risk Assessment Management.

(25)An Ruijuan, female, born in 1953, University Professor, Master’s Supervisor. Lecture: Statistics, National Economic Accounting.

Her main research field is Statistical Theory and Method. She is the Executive Director of National Statistical Society of China and Commerce Statistical Society of China.


Date of birth: April, 1966,

Sex: female,

Place of birth: Qinggang Town, in Heilongjiang,

Political Status: the member of the Party.

Study Experience: 1983-1987 Bachelor Degree in Northeast Agricultural University

1987-1989 Studying in the course of Post-graduate in Jilin Provincial Party School

2006—2009 Doctor Degree in Northeast Agricultural University

(27)Dong Congwen, born in 1952, got his bachelor of oil storage automation in Heilongjiang Business School. Dong Congwen currently serves as the professor of Harbin University of Commerce, Master tutor, adjunct director in the Research Institute and development committee in Heilongjiang Province to promote WTO vice director of Corporate Research in Harbin University of Commerce, steward of Entrepreneurs Association of Heilongjiang Province and Enterprise Management Society in Heilongjiang Province, the Executive Director of Heilongjiang Provincial Public Relations Society and other occupations.

(28)Zhou Hang, born in 1952, was once the undergraduate in Harbin Institute of Technology, and the graduate of Capital University of Economics.
Zhou Hang currently serves as a professor of Harbin University of Commerce, Master tutor, deputy director of the Finance and Accounting Institute, Advisers of Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology of Economic. She mainly teaches operations research, systems engineering, econometrics, quantitative management accounting and other financial management courses.

(29)Wang Fengxia,

GENDER: Female

DATE OF BIRTH: November 1971


September 1990 - 1994 July, Harbin Normal University graduate, received a bachelor's degree; September 1994 - 1997 in June, Harbin Normal University gets master's degree in economics; 2001 - 2006, Harbin University doctoral graduate, received a Ph.D. in Management. 2006 - 2009, Harbin Engineering University post-doctoral.

(30)Wang Yuling


DATE OF BIRTH: August 1963


Graduated from Liaoning University, Faculty of Law in 1986.


As the director of the Department Civil and Commercial Law and Associate Professor of Harbin University of Commerce, He has been engaged in teaching for many years, speaker of economic law, civil law, contract law and other courses.

(31)Hou Yajie

GENDER: Female

DATE OF BIRTH: March 3, 1951


Graduated from Harbin Normal University, BA in English.

(32)Xi Xianming


DATE OF BIRTH: December 1958


Graduate from Harbin Engineering University with a bachelor degree In July 1982.In July 1988, received a master's degree of Harbin Engineering University .

(33)Dai Fengzhi

GENDER: Female

DATE OF BIRTH: January 1965

BIRTHPLACE: Suihua Heilongjiang Province


In July 1987, graduated from Mudanjiang Teachers College of Political education achieved degree in Law, and then, goes on study in Northeast Normal University, received a Economics master's degree in July 1990.

(34)Xu Hui


He is a lecturer of Harbin University of Commerce Business School, national human resources manager with management PHD. Meanwhile, he also serves a number of management consulting firms as management consultant. He has acted as middle management in large state-owned listed companies, executives and other position in private enterprise groups. It is worth mentioning that he has undertaken many revitalization research projects since the revitalization of northeast old industrial base,.

(35)Zhang Yong




Graduated from Heilongjiang University in1996 and got Master degree of English Language and Literature.


As outstanding teachers in English Department of Harbin University of Commerce, he give talks on "Literature Review", "Introduction to Literature," "interpretation", "Advanced English", "graduate student in English," and many other courses for graduate students and undergraduates. He always acts as translator for Many foreign visiting scholars of school. Since he engaged in teaching, he has published many articles. Currently act as examiner of foreign language oral test and Cambridge Business English exams in Heilongjiang Province appointed by national steering committee of the University of the language,.

(36)Dai Bibo


DATE OF BIRTH: January 1977

BIRTHPLACE: Guang’an Sichuan Province


September 1996 – July 2000, Heilongjiang University (Harbin University of Commerce), a bachelor's degree; July 2004 - June 2006, Harbin Engineering University Management Science and Engineering, received a Master of Management; 2006 December - 2007 March, study in Tsinghua international commercial real estate operations and management for professional development ; since July 2009, Harbin Engineering University, PhD.

(37)Wang Yanqing


DATE OF BIRTH: March 1976

POSITION: Lecturer, PhD.


From September to December 2005, study in Victoria University of Technology School of Economics ,which in Australia.

(38)Meng Fansheng


DATE OF BIRTH: November 1965



In July 1989, graduated from Harbin Normal University, BA in Economics; March 1998, Heilongjiang Business School graduate, received a master's degree; June 2005, graduated from Northeast Agricultural University, Ph.D.; December 2007, Northeast Forestry University post-doctoral.

Extramural teacher:

(1) Gu Haibing was born in Xiangshui county of Jiangsu province in November 1959. He received the Bachelor’s degree of economics in Hei Longjiang Commercial College in 1982 and graduated from Quantitative Economics major of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in December 1984, where he got the Master’s degree of economics. Currently, he works as a professor and doctoral supervisor of Renmin University of China. He also serves as executive director of the Chinese Institute of Quantitative Economics, secretary-general of the Chinese Input-Output Association and Chinese past-time researcher at the Ministry of Agriculture Information Centre.

(2) Han Tao is the vice general manager of Harbin Venture Capital Management Co. Ltd. In 2006, he was invited to be the distinguished professor of MBA educational center in Harbin University of Commerce.

(3) Huang Rujin, a researcher of Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Science), is also the proprietor of the periodical office named Economic Management. He had got the Doctor degree in the field of economics.

(4) Li Haijian now works as the academic commissioner in the Institute Economics. He is the proprietor in a periodical office named Chinese Industrial Economics, who also acts as the vice editor and director of the editorial department. He is appointed to be the professor and doctor supervisor in the Graduate School. In addition, he receives the Expert of Special Government allowance granted by the State Council.

(5) Li Shaoming was born in 1962 in Beijing and graduated from the School of Finance of the Central University of Finance and Economics in 1984. He worked in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in the same year. For the next 10 years, he has been worked for a pharmaceutical enterprise as vice-general manager in Shenzhen. Li Shaoming received a further education in Hong Kong and got the Master’s degree of Molecular Biological Sciences in the University of South Carolina in the USA. Currently, he is studying in Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management as well as pursuing the Master’s degree of EMBA. Now he is appointed to be the chairman of the board in China Botani Pharmaceutical.

(6) Liang Wei, the chairman of the board in Century Mart, is also the general manager of Lianhua Supermarket. He was invited to be the MBA distinguished professor of Harbin University of Commerce in 2005.

(7) Liu Guoren, the chairman and general manager of Harbin Long Jianglong limited company, was invited as distinguished professor by Harbin University of Commerce MBA Education Center in 2007.

(8) Mao Yushi, a famous economist, was invited as distinguished professor by Harbin University of Commerce MBA Education Center in 2003.

(9) Sima nan, a member of Chinese Communist Party and a senior engineer, was born on 22nd, June, 1956 in Hei Longjiang, China, who went in for many kinds of work in his early years. He attended in Hei Longjiang Commercial College (Harbin University of Commerce) during 1977 to 1988. After graduating from university, he once became a national public servant, a newspaper reporter and a master of ceremonies. Sima nan is famous for fighting against pseudoscience and exposing pseudo – qigong and fake highly skilled doctor. Therefore, he is regarded as an “anti-pseudoscience fighter”.

(10)John Adams, who is a famous Scottish economist, a professor of economics, the president of the Napier University Commercial College Accounting and Economics Department Research Committee, a tutor of Ph.D. students, holds a post in Napier University Accounting and Economics College.

(11) Yin Huilai, who was born on 15th, July, 1966 in Harbin, belongs to Han nationality and his ancestral home is in Shan Dong. He graduated from Harbin Normal University, and he is in bachelor’s degree, a senior engineer. Now, he is the chairman of Hei Longjiang Zhonghui Stock and the vice-chairman of Harbin Daowai district business association.

(12) Yu Dingkun, the chairman and general manager of Handi Heitu group, was invited as distinguished professor by Harbin University of Commerce MBA Education Centre in 2009.

(13) Zhang Yongxian, he takes office at Yichun Pepsi Cola Beverage Co.,Ltd. as the chairman and general manager.


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