Harbin University of Commerce

School of Design and Art

The School of Design and Art of Harbin University of Commerce was founded in 2008, which is only a commercial design college of art in all the colleges and universities in Hei Longjiang province. It is on the basis of the formation of the original Packaging and Decoration Design of Institute of Light Industry. There are four departments in the institute ---Department of Visual Communication Design, Department of Environment Art Design, Department of Foundation and Department of Industrial Design. The college has six professional directions: Packaging and Decoration Design, Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Interior Design, Display Design, and City Image Design,with 809 undergraduates. 

Experiment teaching platform has Multimedia Digital Work of Art Studio, the Second Multimedia Digital Work of Art Studio Art Studio, the Second Studio of Digital Media ,Graphic Image Output Center and seven laboratories , for example Model Lab , Packaging and Decoration Design Lab, Packaging Design and Material Lab, Ceramic Art Lab etc. It also has a Library, Exhibition Hall, Multi-media classrooms and Multi-purpose Academic Report Hall. Students are required to pay much attention to the practice and ability by the college, which has paid attention towards the experiment and practice base construction and has 4 out-of-school practice bases in Beijing, Shandong, Anhui and Liaoning. The college has the domestic first-class classroom environment with advanced hardware equipment and complete teaching facilities. Students participated in the various types of domestic design competition winning dozens, obtained delectable result.

The college has 28  teachers, including 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 7 lecturers and 10 assistants. It also hires 16 part-time professors who are the national and provincial well-known professors and scholars. In recent years, teachers have born dozens of various research projects including  state, province and city and published 15 monographs, and more than 80 academic articles and designed and drawn more than 350 pieces of works and won plenty of awards, gold, silver and bronze, in all kinds of Design and Drawing Exhibitions.

Zhang Jianshe , the college disciplinary leader and professor of College of Design and Art ,is the chairman of Hei Longjiang Province Universities Art Design Committee. In 2007 he won the " Oscar" award of the Chinese design industry, for his remarkable contribution to promoting the development of the design industry for over 30 years. The college teachers' performance has been reported and introduced by newspapers, Satellite TV and magazines of provinces and cities. Students have participated in the variety of domestic design competitions and won  dozens of rewards , which is an outstanding and impressive result.

The college attaches great importance to scientific research and actively participates in local economic construction. It also positively implements the open model of running a school, explores the domestic and international mode of running schools and enhances its strength and vitality. The root of College of art and design education is the social training and delivery of high quality, high standards of commercial art design talents. Relying on school discipline superiority, the main objective is the cultivation in design concept of innovation culture and the sense of prominent business and unique art design talents with high quality and excellent ability.

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