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Media Coverage of the World Youth Championship of 2016 American Football Which Will be Held in Harbin University of Commerce

Media Coverage of the World Youth Championship of 2016 

American Football Which Will be Held in Harbin University of 


    The world youth championship of 2016 American football will be hosted by Harbin University of Commerce from June 28th to July 10th . At 13:30, On April 30th a news conference and countdown 60-day opening ceremony of the world youth championship of 2016 American football was held in Harbin University of Commerce. News coverage of the ceremony is from various media, such as People.cn, chinanews, China Education Television, Heilongjiang Daily, DBW.CN, Harbin Daily, Harbin TV, Heilongjiang Morning Paper, Life Daily, xinnews, and so on. The specific content is as follows:

    People.cn:the World Youth Championship of 2016 American Football

    will be held in June in Heilongjiang Province, the first time in

mainland China.




    The 2016 IFAF U19 World Championship Will be Held in Heilongjiang Province. The First Time

in Mainland China

By Haiquan Yang

Updated: 2016-04-30

    The 2016 IFAF U19 World Championship (U19WC) will be held in Harbin University of Commence (HUC), which will begin on 28th of June and run through 10th of July. On the occasion, more than 500 people including the players, coaches, judgers and officers from 7 countries featured America, Canada, China, etc. will be involved in the tournament. This is the first time when U19W take place in mainland China. News learned from the launching ceremony for 60-days countdown and the press briefing held in HUC.

    The IFAF U19WC is held every two years. HUC has been duly authorized to host the game in January of 2016. According to Baozhong Xin, President of HUC, this is the first time that China hosts the top level competition. The occasion will improve the development of American Football in China and play a vital role in promoting the exchange and communication of sports culture between China and western countries.

    Harbin University of Commence is the first Chinese educational institution to launch the course of American football, set up the center for training and form a team. The team members joined the 1st World University American Football Championship. The Newyork Times had a special coverage on the issue.

    Currently, the preparation work is underway. Harbin University of Commence states it will spare no efforts to provide qualified and all–rounded services for the Championship. chinanews: the World Youth Championship of American Football comes to mainland China for the first time.



dbw.cn: the World Youth Championship of American Football will be held in Harbin, 

the first time in mainland China. 





xinhuanetthe World Youth Championship of American Football will be held in Harbin, 

the first time in mainland China.






Harbin Daily: In June, the World Youth Championship of 2016American 

Football - the first time in mainland China-is coming! 















Life Daily: the World Youth Championship of 2016American Football is to be held in 

Harbin University of Commerce.


xinnews: the World Youth Championship of 2016American Football is to be held in 

Harbin University of Commerce.




Heilongjiang Morning PaperOn June 28th, the World Youth Championship of American Football will be held in 

Harbin University of Commerce. 




In addition

China Education Television and Harbin Television are under preparation for live news reports.

    According to the official net reports of the International Federation of American Football(IFAF), conference on technology of the world youth Championship was held successfully at 

Harbin University of Commerce. IFAF also thought highly of the infrastructure of our university 

and showed their thanks to Harbin University of Commerce for hospitality