Harbin University of Commerce

Welcome to Harbin University of Commerce

    In Sino-U.S. tourism year,U19 World Champiomship2016 will be held in HUC. Faculty members and students of HUC have devoted most of their time and efforts to the preparatory work of the tournament. Introductions of cultural sights and views in different seasons are delivered for you convenience in requesting further information about HUC.

The Campus Cultural Landscape

Museum of Business Culture

Museum of Business Culture

Museum of Business Culture

Gate of Graduation

Museum of Stones

Statue of Flying

Statue of Scroll

the Calligraphy Gallery

the Graffiti Wall

Tower of 60-year anniversary

Woods of Alumni


Main Teaching Building









Beautiful Artificial Lake












the Music Fountain




Sports Venues

Indoor Gym

Outdoor Gym

Scene outside the Stadium

Soccer Field

Swimming Pool

Tennis Court


Campus in Spring


































Campus in Summer




















Campus in Fall























Campus in Winter