Harbin University of Commerce

The Football Team of Harbin University of Commerce Took Part in the 2014 China-America Football Carnival


The Football Team of Harbin University of Commerce Took Part in

 the 2014 China-America Football Carnival

The China-America Football Carnival was held by Chinese General Administration of Sport Management Center, Chinese Small Ball Sports Management Center and Chinese American-Football Association in Beijing Chaoyang Sports Center on October 15th-18th, 2014. Twenty seven teams attended the competition, including 15 teams from the universities and colleges and 12 teams from the social organizations. This American-Football Carnival was divided into three groups : American Indoor Football, American Football performance and match contest and Contacted American-Football Championship. The Tiger Team, from Harbin University of Commerce, topped off their visit to Beijing with two victories through two competitions in the Contacted American-Football Championship,