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The 2014 National AFU Football Summer Training Camp in Harbin University of Commerce Came to a Successful Close

 The 2014 National AFU Football Summer Training Camp in

 Harbin University of Commerce Came to a Successful Close

To promote American football in China, strengthen student’s constitution, and enhance the communication among the football teams of universities in northeastern China, the 2014 AFU football summer training camp was held from 24th July to 8th August in the Physical Education School of Harbin University of Commerce. Altogether there were 16 football coaches and 48 student players participating in the training camp, they were from 6 universities including Northeast Normal University, Jilin University, Hebei University of technology, Northeastern University, Harbin Institute of Physical Education, Harbin University of Commerce.


This American football training camp had elaborated preparation work and scientific training, including physical training each morning, the specialized technical training in the afternoon and theory courses at night. The skills of the coaches and trainees have been greatly improved in two-week training. With the spirit of competitiveness the trainees brought out the atmosphere of positive attacking, defending, and fair fighting, which not only showed the spirituality of aiming high, but also enhanced the learning and communication among the team members.


All ranks of HUC leaders attached great importance to the football training camp. Li Xiaomei, chairman of the labor union , Sun Zhihui, Head of academic affairs office visited the training site for themselves, and meanwhile, they awarded the course-completion certificate to qualified coaches and students.

The training camp held an football performance match on the last day. Students were divided into two teams, the black team and the white team, all of whom did their best on the field. They fully reflected the good results of the training, the vigorous energy, the high moral after training. Finally, the white team won the game with 28 to 6 .







This football summer training camp in Harbin University of Commerce has been supported by our service management center, logistics corporation (include Expert Apartment, student’s canteen, motorcade) and other departments. We hope to express our sincere gratitude to each department.


                                         The School of Physical Education