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The First American football World University Championship Came to a Successful close


The First American football World University Championship Came

 to a Successful close


The first World University Football Championship lowed its curtain at the local time, on the afternoon of May 13rd in Uppsala, Sweden . After 13 days of intense competition, the Mexicon team topped the final game , winning the championship, and the Japanese team won the runner-up, and Sweden, Finland, China ranked respectively the third to the fifth place.

The players of Chinese teams come from Beijing International Studies University and Harbin University of Commerce , etc, totally four universities .The team was set up temporarily , and only after a short, intensive training, there were significant gaps between them and American team both in height , weight, speed, strength, endurance, experience, technical and tactical application, etc. Although the team did not win the game, players in the game strictly implemented their trainers’ intentions, repeatedly took brilliant tactics, and they were trying their best both offensively and defensively. Faced with strong opponents they did not fear and withdraw, showing their determination, gained the respect and support from their opponents and spectators.

After this competition the players gained valuable experience, broadened their horizons, enhanced exchanges of ideas and realized the differences among them. More importantly, they have built up their confidences to bring the game to a close successfully.