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Xinhua News Agency Reported that HUC Firstly Introduce American Football PE Class

Xinhua News Agency Reported that HUC Firstly Introduce 

American Football PE Class

Recently, the Xinhua News Agency issued a sports news entitled Harbin University of Commerce firstly introduced equipped football physical education class. In the news the advancement of American football courses in China was reported at home and aboard. Several domestic mass media, such as Yangtzi Evening News, CHINA-US,Sohu sports, Eastday,21CN.COM etc has reprinted the news. The full text goes as follows:

American Football Course Enters HUC for the first time

Harbin, October 12th ,2013 (Xinhua)--Panqi-- Harbin University of Commerce has listed American football course as compulsory for the first time. It has been confirmed that this semester the freshmen have the admission to select the course for the purpose of physical training and strategies.

“So many students are coming to sign up, for this ‘foreign stuff ’is rare in China.” Tang Baosheng, the vice-president of School of Physical Education of Harbin University of Commerce, said . He also mentioned that wherever the students come from, urban or rural areas ,they always show great curiosity and interest in the sport event. So far, there are no vacancy for the four classes of the course. About 140 boy freshmen are trying to have close contact with this kind of sport and attempting to learn it.

“Our equipment is all sponsored by not only students but also alumni, who aim to let more students feel the charm of this sport.” Referring to the meaning of football, Tang Baosheng thought, this sport will make boys manly and enhance the group consciousness of students. Besides, it's beneficial for individual speed, strength, skill and physical quality.

Harbin University of Commerce has officially established a fully equipped American football team, named “Tiger” and it has become one of the few universities that own a regular American football team in China. The team of Harbin University of Commerce has taken performance matches in many colleges in China. Next year, more teams from HUC will participate in First World American Football University Championship.