Harbin University of Commerce

School of Tourism & Cuisine


Brief Introduction to School of Tourism & Cuisine 

Derived from the Tourism and Cuisine Department of Business School in Heilongjiang Province, Tourism and Cuisine School of Harbin University of Commerce was established in 1959 and renamed after consolidation. At present, the majors of tourism management and cuisine science management are offered in the School. Among these faculties, tourism management is the key major of Heilongjiang Province and was approved to offer Master degree in Heilongjiang Province. The School is qualified for the provision of Master degree both in research and study. It was approved as the Training Base for Vocational Education of Tourism and Cuisine, the Training Base for Master Degree of Tourism and Cuisine and the Principal Test Center of Self-taught Examination of Tourism Management. Shangda Hotel, with 18 thousand square meters, which is managed by the School has been the demonstration internship center awarded by the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province and the base of involving teaching, research, and production. The School is furnished with multi-layer, multi-form, multi-category and full function structure in high education of tourism management and cuisine.

The School is blessed with excellent faculties, Tourism Research Institute, the Chinese Fast Food Research Center, Chinese Food Culture Institute, prominent experts, and leaders of provincial disciplines. Most young lecturers hold Master or Doctor degrees. The School adheres to the principal of people oriented education, international education and lifetime education. By provision of scientific curriculum and integration of quality, knowledge and capability, bilingual education is also paid great attention, which has received compliments by both employers and other universities. At present, the School is known as the cradle for inter-disciplinary talents in tourism and cuisine.

Introduction to Majors

Based on the comprehensive multidisciplinary education resources of economics, management, law and engineering, the faculty attempts to optimize the curriculum system and establish an open practical education structure according to the idea of strengthening general education, enhancing disciplinary foundation, mastering specialty backbone, promoting faculty feature, improving capability cultivation, stressing personality development and reinforcing social adaptability. The faculty has established a practical capability cultivation platform by the production and educational construction of tourism practical education demonstration center to enhance the competitiveness and feature of tourism talent cultivation with high adaptability.

Tourism Management

Objective: Fundamental knowledge and application in tourism management, be able to engage in management of tourism enterprises, be creative, entrepreneur. Graduates will be recruited by tourism administrations, enterprises, institutions and universities.

Features: Students are provided with fundamental theory, knowledge and skill of tourism management, familiar with planning, policy and regulation of tourism industry, have good command of analysis and problem solving. In order to meet the requirements of globalizations, other courses such as international trade, investment and finance, computer, laws and English are also offered. 

Main curriculums: Management, Micro and Macro Economics, Information System, Statistics,

Accounting, Marketing, Laws on Economics, International Trade, Introduction on Tourism, Theory of Service, Tourism Psychology, Tourism Culture, Tourism Economics, Hotel Management, Tourism Planning, Tourism Information System, Tourism Aesthetics.


A: Hospitality management: Front Office and Housekeeping Management, Food and Beverage Management, Hotel Design.

B: Travel service management: Guide Service, Travel Service Operation, and Tourism Geography

4 years full time for Bachelor Degree in Management

Master Degree is conferred.

Cuisine and nutrition education          

Objective: Students are equipped with fundamental theories on cuisine, nutrition, food and beverage management, and are able to engage in food nutrition, food product design, food education. Graduates can be recruited by vocational schools, schools, hotels and catering organization.

Features: Students have a good command of theories, knowledge and skills on cuisine and food and beverage management, basic ability of engaging in cuisine, nutrition, education and management. Great attention is paid to practical abilities by combining theory with practice to promote the capability in nutrition education in vocational schools and catering enterprises.

Main curriculums: Cuisine Chemistry, Cuisine Material, Cooking Theory, Nutrition, Food Hygiene and Security, China Food Culture, Medicine, Banquet Design, Education Psychology, Food and Beverage Management, Chinese Cooking, Fast Food Cooking, Western Food Cooking, Education, Modern Education Skills, Research Method.

4 years full time for Bachelor Degree in Education

Specialized Subject

Based on the comprehensive multidisciplinary education resources of economics, management, law and engineering, the faculty attempts to optimize the curriculum system and establish an open practical education structure according to the idea of strengthening general education, enhancing disciplinary foundation, mastering specialty backbone, promoting faculty feature, improving capability cultivation, stressing personality development and reinforcing social adaptability. It also pays attention to lay stress on grand business and grand scholarly by involving economics, management and laws, combining business with engineering. The faculty has established a practical capability cultivation platform by the production and educational construction of tourism practical education demonstration center to enhance the competitiveness and feature of tourism talent cultivation with high adaptability. This system has been recognized as the tourism high education mode with unique demonstration sense and was reported by China High Education in 2010.

Scientific Research

Enhance Tourism Management discipline during the next National Twelfth Five-Year Plan period and establish tourism and hospitality management, ecotourism, MICE tourism and tourism culture programs which are interdependent and mutual supported. 

Teaching Faculty

At present, the Tourism & Cuisine School has a total staff of 28 teachers. Among them are 5 professors, 8 associate-professors, 12 lecturers, 6 Master tutors.

1. SHI Changbo, Dean of the Tourism and Cuisine School HUC, Professor, PhD. Post-doctor in Management Science and Technology, State Council Expert for Special Allowance, The Leader of Key Discipline of Heilongjiang Province—Tourism Management. The Registered Judge of National Hotel Rating Association, National Green Hotel Rating Association, Member of China Hotel Association, Vice Director of MICE Association of Heilongjiang Province, Vice Director of Harbin Tourism Association and Director of Education Branch, Standing Director of Heilongjiang Marketing Organization. Published more than 100 research papers and over 10 textbooks, hosted 30 research projects of ministry and department level and received awards. With abundant experiences, Professor Shi was invited to engage in hotel appraisal projects and participate in the pre-opening for large-scale hotels and catering enterprises. He also attended and hosted international academic conferences and delivered keynote speeches. In 2003, Professor Shi was awarded the title of the “ Ten Distinguished Youths” of Heilongjiang Province because of his great contribution on scientific creation. In 2005, he was the winner of Youth Medal of Heilongjiang Province. In 2008, Professor Shi attended the 3rd Training for High Economic Management of Heilongjiang Province, which was held in University of York, Canada.

2. Zheng Changjiang, Professor, Secretary CPC General Branch of the Tourism and Cuisine School, Director of Institute of Tourism Science, MA student supervisor, Director and Member of Expert Committee of China Cuisine Society, Director of China Hotel Association, Member of Committee of Experts of Heilongjiang Province. Professor Zheng devoted himself in hospitality, cuisine and tourism management education for a long term by teaching Hospitality Management, MICE Economy, Cuisine Education and Cooking Techniques which was rated as the National Elaborate Course in 2004. He hosted numerous research projects of national, ministry and department level and published more than 20 works. Comparison on Chinese Dishes is the unique comprehensive treatise on regional differences of Chines dishes that laid a foundation of the study and is perceived as Zheng Theory. He is also responsible for the overall operation and management of Shangda Hotel, which is the internship base for the School and bears distinct features in terms of dish design, service and enterprise culture. Shangda Hotel was rated as the Key Demonstration Center by the Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province in 2007 by its talent cultivation system involving study, production and research. Professor Zheng was awarded as the Distinguished Teacher of High Education of Heilongjiang Province and Senior Expert of China Hotel Association, Ten Distinguished Persons of Catering Industry in Harbin in 2008.

3. Zhang Peiyin, Professor, Vice Dean of the Tourism and Cuisine School, MA student supervisor. Professor Zhang engaged in research on tourism aesthetic and tourism education by publishing over 10 academic articles. She hosted the research projects on talent cultivation system of high education of tourism management and won the first prize of Excellent Research Projects by Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province in 2007. Professor Zhang mainly undertook the courses of Introduction to Tourism, Tourism Aesthetics and Nutrition Management that was highly welcomed by students. Introduction to Tourism was rated as the Provincial Elaborate Course, which was the first provincial award in the field of tourism management.

4. Li Xiaoyang (1969--), female, graduated from the Heilongjiang University in 1991, an administration major. Dr.( In reading), associate professor, MA student supervisor, vice secretary of the party branch. Teaching three courses of" Tourism Public Relations "," Policy & Legalization for Tourism Industry "," Tourism Etiquette". Professor Li committed to a number of social training missions. She edited a school tourism planning textbook as a textbook associate editor. She published 28 papers, hosted two department or bureau level research projects, and participated in a number of provincial research projects.

5. Sun Jing, Post-doctoral, Professor, M.A. student supervisor, and reserved leader of tourism management discipline. She has engaged in research and education of tourism management for more than two decades and main research interest is hospitality management. She mainly teaches Comparison on Chinese and Overseas Hotel Management, Service Theory, Hospitality Management and Travel Service Management. With strong research background, she has published over 20 academic papers and three of which were indexed by ISTP. Professor SUN also hosted 3 provincial research projects, 1 national project and 2 departmental projects and won the second prize of Social Sciences and Humanities Projects of Heilongjiang Province.

Teaching Faculty

6. Huo Li(19  --), Associate Professor, graduated from Mudanjiang Normal University in 1983 and completed postgraduate study in Harbin University of Commerce in 1998. His key research interests are Tourist Behavior and Cooking Material  His major work is Diners’ Psychology. He mainly teaches Tourism Psychology, Food Microbiology and Cooking Material. His research project “ Best Cooking Art Study” won the second prize granted by the  Bureau of Domestic Commerce.

7. Wang Xiaomei (1972--), female, Ph.D, Professor, director of Foreign Trade Association and Border Economy Association. She mainly engages in the teaching and research work of tourism management. She published over twenty papers, 2 treatises, and two textbooks, hosted two research programs at provincial level, and two sponsored by the Bureau of Education . She also participated two research programs at national level, three at provincial level. 

8. Zhao Yang (1971--), female, Ph.D candidate, Associate professor. Her field of study is tourism management. She teaches Management of Travel Agency, Guiding Knowledge, and English in Tourism for undergraduates and Comparision on Management of Travel Agency both in China and abroad for graduates. Management of Travel Agency and Guiding Knowledge are bilingual courses. She published over 20 academic papers, 2 books, and hosted a research program sponsored by the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province. She participated in 4 research programs at provincial level and one at national level.

9. Sun Qi, (1974--), female, Associate Professor. graduated from Nankai University in 1997. She was a visiting scholar at Thames Valley University in England in 2003. She earned a master's degree in management in HUC in 2006.She was promoted as Associate Professor in 2007. She became Master Tutor of Tourism Management in HUC in 2010. She was appointed expert of the Science and Technology Advisory Board in Heilongjiang Province in 2011. She teaches tourism management Her main research interests are: tourism economy, tourism planning and development.

10. Du Xianfeng ( 1974 - ), Master, lecturer, senior technician of Chinese cooking,  the national judges of Catering industry, Deputy Secretary-general of Catering and Culinary Industry Association of Heilongjiang Province, Deputy Secretary-general of Tourism and Secretary Committee of Heilongjiang Institution Society, Secondary Vocational Education Expert of Heilongjiang Provincial Institute of Education, Vice Chairman of the Executive Chef Alliance of Heilongjiang Province, part-time tutor of  Harbin Education Institute, member of China Cuisine Association of Young Famous Chefs Committee. He has engaged in cuisine education in the Second Vocational School in Harbin from 1996 to 2010. He supervised students to participate in national, provincial and municipal cooking skills competition since 1998,and was awarded as the best culinary professional guidance teacher of national, provincial and municipal level. He joined the School of Tourism and Hospitality at Harbin University of Commerce and mainly teaches Cooking Technology, Cooking Theory, Introduction to Local Flavor. He engaged in the editing of the textbook “the Chinese Cooking Technology” for the undergraduates under the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and participated in two key national training programs: Cooking Technology and Teaching Method of cooking.

11. WangYu  (1979-), female, Associate Professor, director of Tourism Management office. She graduated from the Tourism Management Department of NanKai University at 2001, and is now pursuing doctor degree study in the field of Tourism Management in Dufei Commercial University. Her Major research interests are Development and Management of Tourism Attractions, Tourism Experience. She teaches core courses on Tourism Attractions Development and Management etc. She is co-editing “Chinese Tourism Attractions Appreciation”, a recommendatory teaching material of the ‘Eleventh five-year Plan’program. 

12. Li Rixin(1980 -), Female, Master, Associate Professor. She graduated from Harbin University of Commerce in 2001and obtained Master's degree in Management from Heilongjiang University in 2008. She teaches "Tourism Marketing", "Hotel Marketing and Advertising Case", "Tourism Economics". She published and co-edited two textbooks. She hosted a research project for young teachers at Harbin University of Commerce. She participated in four teaching and research projects of the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province. She published over 20 academic papers, one retrieved by EI. She was awarded as Model Representative by the National higher education self-study examination, Model worker in SARS prevention and treatment by the Bureau of Education of Heilongjiang Province.

13. Ma Chao, Associate Professor, received her Master Degree in Tourism Management from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow U.K. in 2002. She mainly teaches Professional English in Tourism, Front Office Management (Bilingual), Introduction to Tourism (Bilingual) for undergraduates and Professional English Reading for post-graduates. She also hosted 1 provincial research project and 1 departmental project and published several academic papers on tourism management and education, three of which were retrieved by ISTP and EI respectively. She focuses on bilingual teaching by involving her overseas experiences and is well-received by the students. 

14. Diao Zhibo (1977--), male, lecturer, Ph.D. of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. His research fields are Hotel Management, Tourism Information Technology. He published 20 academic papers, conducted over 10 research projects, collaborated on four books, and three textbooks.

15. Yang Xuexin (1978 -), female, Master, lecturer. She graduated from Food Engineering School of Qiqihar University in 2001, and obtained master's degree in Food Science at Harbin University of Commerce in 2004. She is now pursuing PhD study in the Forest Chemical Engineering at Northeast University of Forestry. She teaches and researches on Cooking and Nutrition education. She participated in three research projects at provincial level, published seven academic theses, two of which were published by EI. Research based materials development.

16. Xuan Fuhua, female, has got her Master Degree. As a lecturer in Harbin University of Commerce, she engages in the teaching and scientific research of tourism management, and more than 10 academic theses have been published in recent 3 years. She studied first in Shandong Yantai Normal University and then in Sichuan Normal University, where she took her first degree and Master degree. Now she is studying for her Ph.D. degree in Harbin Normal University and teaches Survey of Tourists Come From Abroad and Public Relations of Tourism in Tourism & Cuisine School of Harbin Commercial University. 

17. Tang Zi (1978--), female, has got her Master Degree. As a instructor in Harbin University of Commerce, she has received Bachelor Degree of Science degree from Jilin Normal University in 2002, and Master Degree of Science degree from Liaoning Normal University in 2005. She mainly Teaches the course of Geography of Tourism, and Chinese-foreign Folklore. The main research interests are: planning, evaluation, and development of tourism resources. In recent years, she published 2 academic works, 20 papers. At the same time, she was respectively responsible for research of 3 subjects, obtained scientific research achievement rewards at provincial level twice. 

18. Zhu Zhengjie (1980- ) works as director of Training Department in Tourism and Cuisine School. Now she is a lecturer. In 2006, she was awarded her M.A. degree from Business Administration School at Harbin University of Commerce. She mainly engages in teaching and research work of Tourism Regulations, Tourism Resources and Its Development, Management of Travel Agency for tourism management major and tourism and education major. Her research focuses on tourism plan and development, MICE tourism, etc.

19、Liu Lin (1980- ) received the M.A. degree from Heilongjiang University. Now she is a lecturer of tourism management. She teaches the following courses: Introduction to Tourism, Hotel English Alive, Tourism English Practical and Specialized English for Tourism. Her research focuses on hotel management.

Enrollment and Employment

The Tourism and Cuisine School enrolls students nationally wide and pays great attention to cultivate the professional and practical capabilities all along. The Hotel of Harbin University of Commerce, which occupies an area of 18000 square meters, is operated by the School and becomes the internship base for students to establish an education mode involving study, produce and research. The School also establishes cooperation with more than 20 enterprises such as Harbin Shangri Lila Hotel, Harbin Victoria Hotel, Heilongjiang Overseas Travel Service and signs employment contracts with Beijing Asia-Pacific Hotel, Qinhuangdao Great Wall Hotel, Guangzhou Binhua Hotel, Dalian Railway Travel Service. Adhering to the principal of “seeking virtue, holding belief, keeping practicing and sustaining reasonable”, the School has cultivated numerous talents with strong practical and creational capability as well as teamwork. Since the establishment of the School, more than ten thousand graduates have engaged in the tourism industry, tourism administrations and enterprises. With high quality talents and compliments from employers, the Tourism and Cuisine School has become the cradle of talents with management skills and techniques for tourism and cuisine.

International Exchange

The School has established cooperation with the Pacific National Economics University since 2006, which made the students exchange and profession communications possible. Since 2007, the Seminar on Hotel Management for Developing Countries,which is one of human resource foreign aid project assigned by the Ministry of Commerce in China, has been undertaken by the School consecutively. 151 participants came from more than 50 countries of Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia and Europe. During one-month seminar, students can communicate with friends of different backgrounds by both the first and the second class so that they are able to cultivate themselves during the cultural space exchange.