Harbin University of Commerce

A Brief Introduction to the Library of Harbin University of Commerce

The Library of Harbin University of Commerce, founded in 1952, currently consists of two sections the main on the North Campus and the branch on the South, with a total area of 46,106 square meters, an accommodation of 4,500 seats and 100 staff members. Through several generations of the librarians’ hard work and efforts, it has developed into a modern comprehensive library with a rich collection of books, scientific management, standard service and advanced means, meeting the needs of teaching and scientific research in the university.

In accordance with the university’s orientation and areas of study, the library builds up its literature resources on the basis of its collection for the specialties of the university, characterized by its collection for the provincial-level key subjects and specialties. And meanwhile it guarantees a collection of literature for quality education. At present, the library boasts a collection of some 270,000,0 copies of books including 202,000,0 printed books and 68,000,0electronic books. In addition, about 1511 periodicals and magazines, Chinese and foreign, are prescribed, with 1415 Chinese and 96 foreign respectively. The library also collects some rare books such as The Complete Works of Siku, Chinese Reliable Text of Regeneration, Yongle Canon, Shen Daily, A Collection Ancient Modern,Chinese and Foreign,etc.

As the library attaches great importance to the development of electronic literature, it has purchased 18 databases from home and abroad, self-constructed 13 databases and realized Dialog Internet Retrieval, which is capable of catering for retrieval and application of over hundred large-scale specialty databases. Through the main page of the library, general teachers and students can easily find and make use of the digital resources purchased and the databanks self-built with distinctive features. Readers can waste no time obtaining information about the collection of the library and inquiry of the latest books and magazines by means of “Booklist Look-up” and “New Book Guide”. Now, with an equal emphasis on paper and electronic literature, the library has established a combination of entity collection and virtual collection, covering various types and carriers of all the subjects of the university so as to meet the needs of the guarantee system of literature resources for teaching and scientific research.

Up till now, the library has realized a computerized network management of book interviewing, cataloguing, circulation, reference inquiry, information development, periodical shelving, public inquiry, electronic reading and some other services. Moreover, linked with the campus network, CERNET, INTENET, the library is able to provide a round clock cyber service, greatly satisfying readers’ demands for information resources on-line.

The library not only open-shelves all its books to readers, implementing an integral management of collecting, borrowing, reading and retrieving, but also spares no pains to practice reference inquiring, fixed project tracking, special project information retrieving, original version transmitting, client training, teaching of book retrieval and other services. Its technical service office provides such services as duplicating, typing,etc.